Valdobbiadene Harvest

The harvest: a magical moment for Valdobbiadene sparkling wine
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Ours is a work closely linked to the times of nature, traditions and days that pass in their slow rhythm made of simple genuineness. Our business is like a journey: a journey that never ceases to amaze, made up of seasons, exciting landscapes, meteorological situations and important moments. And a fundamental moment for us is the grape harvest.

The slopes on which the vines are grown are difficult to travel with mechanical means and in extreme conditions compared to traditional crops, due to the climate and altitude. Thus was born the term "heroic viticulture" which refers to a very difficult cultivation of grapes , in plots typically small in size but of high quality, as well as the product that is realized. Foss Marai has always been passionately dedicated to the heroic processing of these grapes: every mowing of the grass and every type of processing in the vineyard, including the harvest itself, are operations performed exclusively by hand .

The harvest is obviously a pivotal step in our work and takes place between the middle of summer and the end of October, when the grapes reach full ripeness. And so, while our verdant Unesco heritage hills begin to be tinged with warm and golden shades, the intense fragrance of grapes spreads in the air. And a new cycle begins: from those aromas and from those grapes the production of the new Valdobbiadene Foss Marai sparkling wines is born.

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Cartizze - Valdobbiadene Superiore


Valdobbiadene Superiore

The  Cartizze Foss Marai  has an intense wisteria aroma, with a hint of rose.
NADIN - Valdobbiadene Dry - MILLESIMATO


Valdobbiadene Dry

Nadin di Foss Marai is rich in floral aromas, predominantly wisteria
GUIA - Valdobbiadene - Brut MILLESIMATO



With its sophisticated, elegant bouquet and its flavoursome texture,  Guia ..
Strada di Guia, 109 - Valdobbiadene - Brut


Strada di Guia, 109

Strada di Guia 109 Brut  is a  Valdobbiadene wine  with an attractive aroma.
STRADA DI GUIA, 109 - Valdobbiadene Extra Dry


Valdobbiadene Extra Dry

The  spumante wine  par excellence, maximising the traditional characterist ..
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Our cellar is large and offers excellent labels for refined palates and exclusive occasions. Each of our Valdobbiadene sparkling wines was created to give superior pleasure, for true connoisseurs.

This month we recommend a taste of:

Guia Valdobbiadene DOCG Brut Millesimato
An elegant wine, embellished by the exclusive and distinctive design of the Foss Marai bottle, Guia Brut Millesimato has a fine and fruity aroma, a rich taste , enveloping and intense, with good flavor and persistence.

Nadin Valdobbiadene DOCG Dry Millesimato
With its fine perlage, Nadin Millesimato Dry expresses floral and decidedly fruity notes on the nose, hints that open to a sweet and pleasant taste. Its marked residual sugar makes it round, soft, capable of countless combinations.

Discover all the labels in our cellar with their peculiar nuances of flavor and choose the ones that best suit your moments, to transform everyday life into a special day or to celebrate a special occasion with an important bottle. Remember that shipping is free until September 30th.

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