Foss Marai Spumanti sponsors the Furio Benussi Sailing Team

For Foss Marai, travel is a slow, pleasant path that constantly develops: the company encompasses the noblest meaning of the term slowness - understood as respecting nature, its rhythms, and its time frames - defining a journey where quality becomes the ultimate aim.

A culture for quality that is also expressed using precise communication and partnership strategies that contribute to stressing the founding values of a company that is “slow by choice, but never stops”. This is the logic behind Foss Marai’s decision to support the Furio Benussi Sailing Team - Fast & Furio,

Among the many requests for sports sponsorship it receives on a daily basis, the company has chosen this one because of its ethos of environmental and social responsibility and because it is a part of the circular economy, The Maxi 100 boat was built from from a “reject”, i.e., an old abandoned hull, and now is a fully recycled, efficient and successful craft. The sail racing team has immediately become an ambassador for projects that go far beyond the sporting environment, promoting, together with One Ocean Foundation the safeguarding of our sea beds and marine heritage, supporting the Laureus Foundation which offers hands-on sailing experience to disadvantaged kids, the Porto dei Piccoli association, which works with younger patients at the Gaslini Hospital in Genoa, and the Do una Mano Foundation, recycling plastic for medical use.

The team had a fabulous 2021 season and now the 2022 season has met all expectations to date.

On 23 September 2022, the boat received unique, extraordinary recognition in the conference room of the Genoa International Boat Show, where the Maxi 100 was certified as the “world's first sustainable boat”.

A passion for excellence and commitment to sustainability are values that bond Foss Marai’s “Leniter in Itinere” and Benussi’s Fast & Furio, a surprising combination of slowness and speed that has immediately met with interest appreciation and wide recognition.

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