The Foss Marai brand embodies excellence in Italian sparkling wine production and is recognised in Italy and around the world as a symbol of prestigious wines.

The "Leniter in itinere” [Slowly on the way] tagline expresses Foss Marai's philosophy and leads production to create high-end wines and sparkling wines of impeccable quality. "Leniter in itinere" opens a window on a company that is constantly experimenting, changing and innovating. "Leniter in itinere" speaks of Foss Marai creating: works of art, elegance in every glass, masterpieces to be enjoyed. One sip at a time.

Each product is conceived as a work of art, and the list of wines includes a wide collection of fine Italian sparkling wines.

Travel is a constant element at Foss Marai and it is complementary to a company, and a family, deeply rooted in their community and tied to their winemaking traditions, respectful of their land and the rhythms and times of nature. At the same time, the company is constantly "in motion", and attentive to the changing trends in taste, committed to continuous research on grapes, natural and local yeasts, improvements in production techniques, quality and balance of each individual ingredient, and sustainability. This approach allows the company to offer new products, but also constantly improve its wines, which undergo strict assessment by a group of oenologists, known as the "club of the wise men", who perform rigorous blindfolded tastings. The Company’s journey is thus a "slow and continuous" path toward improvement and excellence. Thus, the quality of Foss Marai comes from years of experience and craftsmanship, daily research and continuous technological innovation. A quality that is always at the highest level, in the international wine market, with the best Italian sparkling wines.

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