Foss Marai Valdobbiadene fine Italian sparkling wines.

A story of craftsmanship and innovation, passion and foresight to produce fine Italian sparkling wines.

The story of Foss Marai was born from a man and a woman and their passion for their land. The story of Foss Marai is the story of Carlo and Adriana Biasiotto and their deep connection with the unique lands of the Valdobbiadene area, and its centuries-old winemaking tradition.

In 1986, Carlo and Adriana - experts and connoisseurs of the treasures of this flourishing and lush area - founded Foss Marai Spumanti.

Their passion led Adriana and Carlo to overcome countless challenges together and this drive was the fuel that allowed the Company to grow and become increasingly strong, solid, consistent with its strategies and destined to become a leader on the market in terms of quality standards, technical-craftsmanship expertise and experimentation. A company with a strong sense of belonging and family ties. Wine production where passion for quality, respect for nature and attention to detail are essential and where, since the beginning, wine is been made with craftsmanship and an innovative approach. To achieve perfection, now as then.

Foss Marai means talking about the Biasiotto family as the custodian of the excellence in Italian sparkling wines.

It also means talking about the foresight of Carlo and Adriana Biasiotto, and the entrepreneurship of their children Andrea, Cristiana and Umberto, thanks to whom the Foss Marai winery established itself at the national and international level in the wine market for its excellent production of fine Italian sparkling wines.

“Leniter in itinere”

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