Harvest in Foss Marai

We work wisely, enhancing the territory and respecting its traditions

When nature is blanketed in warm hues and the weather becomes cool, the intense fragrance of grapes fills the air. It is the autumn of fragrances. It is harvest time.

Grape harvest in Valdobbiadene

Grape harvest, that is, the picking of wine grapes, is the most important and delicate moment in wine production and takes place between mid-summer and the end of October, that is, when the grape berries reach full ripeness.

A hamlet of elegance

In Foss Marai, grape harvest has the colours of the picturesque Valdobbiadene vineyards, which frame the winery: a long row of old rural buildings made of stone, brick and wood that the Biasiotto family skillfully renovated, obtaining elegant and functional spaces, suitable for work activities as well as for conviviality and adjoining the production cellar, a complex that catches the viewer’s attention with its imposing wooden bays inspired by the arches of the vine.

The property extends over a total of about 5,000 square meters and recreates an environment of quiet charm and refined design, where nature fully participates in the activities of humans and grapes are wisely transformed into precious wines.

Heroic vine-growing

The hills of Valdobbiadene DOCG are among the areas of so-called "heroic vine-growing": the Glera vine is cultivated on slopes that are difficult to cross with mechanical means and are subject to extreme weather conditions compared to traditional cultivation, due to climate and altitude. The term "heroic vine-growing" therefore refers to a very difficult and expensive cultivation of grapevines, in plots of land typically limited in size but of high quality, as well as the product that originates from them. Foss Marai has always been passionately dedicated to the heroic processing of these vines and to the care of a soil with exceptional organoleptic characteristics: every grass mowing and every other type of work in the vineyard, including harvest, are operations performed exclusively by hand, selecting only the best grapes. To offer excellent wines.

Foss Marai local yeasts

Foss Marai is one of the rare wineries in the sector that can boast its own "cultivar" of yeasts, managed in-house, a feature that is a true distinguishing factor among Italian and international wineries. In the fermentation process, in fact, only natural indigenous yeasts are used, free of chemical components, the result of more than 35 years of study, research and experimentation.The use of natural local yeasts makes it possible to obtain sparkling wines with a delicate and very fine perlage, unmatched on the palate.

UNESCO world heritage site

Extending from the city of Venice to the alpine region of the Dolomites, the prosecco hills of Conegliano-Valdobbiadebecame have been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since July 2019. Beautiful and green, they are characterised by sharp ridges and, above all, by the so-called "ciglioni" small grassy terraces cultivated with vines, one on top of the other. The vineyards, seen as a whole, create perspectives and geometric effects that catch the eye and enchant the mind. The view is unique and idyllic: a succession of vineyards coexisting with forests, ponds, villages, abbeys and castles of ancient charm.

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