Foss Marai Experience - Visit the Italian Wine Cellar

Visit the wine italian cellar 

 An experience amid the hills of Valdobbiadene, for a journey into the heart of Foss Marai

You can experience a journey through the Valdobbiadene Hills: Foss Marai is pleased to welcome you to the winery for guided tours and tastings and to discover its winemaking excellence.


What is Club dei Saggi?

These experts are called "Club dei Saggi" and the tastings are not a trend or a novelty of the last period, but a long-lasting tradition. A group of experts called "wise men" meet periodically, carrying out various phases of blind tasting tests, tasting new products obtained from selections of local Foss Marai yeasts.

The continuous study and research in constantly improving the technique of the Charmat method, in order to obtain products with an exclusive, elegant tone, always at the highest standards. Thanks to these meetings, Foss Marai is able to better focus on the various details that can significantly improve existing products, or to decree the birth of new products capable of earning the Foss Marai brand.

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