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Symbol of the prestigious Italian wine

“Leniter in itinere”: traveling slowly.
This is the corporate philosophy of Foss Marai.
Foss Marai that knows, experiments and renews.
Foss Marai that creates. Masterpieces in a glass. Elegance on a stem.

Because each and every product is conceived as a work of art, and the catalogue of the labels represents a collection of jewels with unique quality.
This quality is the result of experience gained from many years of artisan skill, from daily research and constant technological innovation.
This quality is always the highest possible in the international wine market.

“Leniter in itinere.
traveling slowly”

Works of art in a glass. Elegance to admire.

The family


A story of artisan skill and innovation, passion and foresight

The story of Foss Marai is the story of a man, of a woman and of a territory. The story of Foss Marai is the story of Carlo Biasiotto, of Adriana Moretti and of their profound love for the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene area, an unrivaled territory that boasts a centuries-long history in the art of producing sparkling wine.

It was 1986 when the young Carlo and Adriana - both with a deep knowledge of the fruits of this part of Italy - founded Foss Marai. The family spirit is tangible in this company, it is where a passion for products is an essential value and where artisan skill and innovation contribute to achieving perfection.
It was like that in the past. And is still like this today.

When one talks of Foss Marai today, one must firstly speak of the Biasiotto family.
It is thanks to the foresight of Carlo Biasiotto and his wife Adriana and the entrepreneurial skills of their children, Andrea, Cristiana and Umberto, that Foss Marai now holds the prestigious position of being a leading company. It sets a national and international benchmark for Italian sparkling wine and is a symbol of the prestigious Italian wine trade.

Leniter in itinere.

“A story of artisan skill and innovation.
A story of foresight and passion.
A story of constant research for perfection.

Above all, however, the story of Foss Marai is a family story.”

Harvest & production


To gather and enhance in the cellar without ever betraying the vineyard itself

When nature takes on warm hues and the climate becomes colder, there is an intense perfume of grapes in the air.
It’s the perfume of autumn. It's time to harvest.

The grapes become fully ripe between mid-summer and late October: this is the time for harvesting wine grapes.
The vineyards are abuzz with activity and the work in the wine cellars is frenetic. This is the most important time of year for wine production.

At Foss Marai, harvest is tinted in the colors of the picturesque vineyards in the Valdobbiadene region that surround the family farm.

There is a long row of old stone, brick and wood buildings that have been skilfully renovated over the years by the Biasiotto family to accommodate the administrative offices, showrooms and service areas.
Not far away in an adjacent building covering several floors, is the area dedicated to production.

It is a highly elegant complex that covers approximately 5,000 m². The entire area has a charm all of its own and a very sophisticated design, where nature can be felt in every corner and the grapes are transformed into their labels.

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