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30 October 2020

Foss Marai and Valentino Moro get together for a “Sfida” (‘Challenge’)

Together with famous sculptor Valentino Moro, our company donated a memorial to the Municipality of Colle Santa Lucia (BL) to celebrate the wonderful territory of the Dolomites and remember t
Foss Marai and Valentino Moro get together for a “Sfida” (‘Challenge’)
Foss Marai and Valentino Moro get together for a “Sfida” (‘Challenge’)
Foss Marai and Valentino Moro get together for a “Sfida” (‘Challenge’)

Saturday October 10th, the extraordinary, manually sculpted work of art by Venetian artist Valentino Moro was unveiled for the first time in the presence of the local community and many guests and institutions at Colle Santa Lucia Belvedere (BL).

A seven-meter long uprooted, larch wood tree symbolizes devastation but also shows a tiny sprout about to spring up; a new life - proud of its knock-out trunk - is coming into the word. The sculpture - named “Sfida” (Challenge) to portray the winning efforts of returning to life – was placed on a sheer void, overlooking the breathtaking Marmolada mountain.

The ribbon cutting ceremony, accompanied by the music of Banda da Fodom, was followed by many local authorities who - together with Prof. Paolo Frena, mayor of Colle Santa Lucia - stepped on the stage to greet the audience: the member of Parliament Roger De Menech, the Council member and Mayor of Selva di Cadore Silvia Cestaro, the Chairman of Unione montana agordina (mountain union of the Agordina municipality) Michele Costa and the Council member of Trentino Alto Adige Manfred Vallazza.

Values as cohesiveness, solidarity and determination clearly emerged from the guest speeches moderated by Denni Dorigo, Director of the ladin Cultural Institute “Cesa de Jan”. Superintendent Lorena Gava comments: “A work-of-art summarizing the strong will to survive, to overcome the pain coming from the Vaia tragedy”. Carlo Biasiotto, Chairman of Foss Marai, defines it as “a sculpture that represents the will and determination to rebuild, go on and never give up”.

A beautiful sunny day framed this special event, a demonstration of strength and communion of these people who got hurt but never bend; a Sfida that has been already proudly won.


Valentino Moro (www.valentinomoro.com)

Seduced by the material and the power of hands, Valentino Moro has been working, modeling and “carving” iron for more than forty years with exceptional craftsmanship and extraordinary skills. Since long ago, Valentino has crossed the boundaries of handicraft to find his own idea of shape.

His deep passion for iron begins at the age of fourteen, when Valentino – at his cousin’s workshop - learns the basics of the forging and soldering techniques. After some time of practice, Valentino starts his own artistic business.

Iron allows Valentino to reinterpret nature, especially grapevine that – with its beefy, twisted shoots – challenges his inexhaustible creative whim. Bunch of grapes and pomegranate are at the heart of his creations; powerful logs and winding branches symbolize a fertile ground and landscape, whose beauty was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Valentino Moro’s masterpieces express themselves through drawing, like it used to be in the Renaissance. The graphic expertise allows him to transform complex molds into perfectly made, three-dimensional shapes. Beside iron, rocks, glass and concrete are also worked by his hands to give birth to always-new work of arts recently becoming real landmarks.

Valentino’s language and technical expertise make his style unique and capable of contemporary virtuosity, showing innovation besides a fascinating ancient tradition.