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20 November 2020

Tilio, the last creation from "Club dei Saggi"

The first sparkling wine without sugar added of Foss Marai
Tilio, the last creation from "Club dei Saggi"
Tilio, the last creation from "Club dei Saggi"
Tilio, the last creation from "Club dei Saggi"

As a results of the Charmat method, improved by more than thirty years of experience and by Foss Marai’s ongoing research and innovation, Tilio, with zero sugar added, is an extra brut, slowly and naturally fermented sparkling wine, obtained by an accurate selection of Chardonnay grapes with a variable percentage of the precious Bombino Bianco grapes, the same variety used in the production of some well-known champenois.

Thanks to the merge of grapes with a strong identity, zero sugar added and a specific Foss Marai yeast, Tilio can offer a very delicate perlage and a unique gentleness.

Approved by Foss Marai’s Club dei saggi, Tilio Dosaggio Zero is a sparkling wine of the highest quality, which can satisfy even the most demanding and refined tastes.

Available in two different formats, 0.75 lt and 1,5 lt, Tilio is perfect as an appetizer and particularly great with all fish recipes.


FOSS MARAI’s "Club dei Saggi"


Not a recent news, but more a long life tradition, the Foss Marai’s Club dei Saggi is a real place where a group of experts, called “the wise”, periodically meet to taste new products with different selections of Foss Marai’s yeasts and engage themselves in studies and research, aimed at obtaining the finest wines. Thanks to these meetings, Foss Marai is able to continually refine its research and products’ improvement.