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Valdobbiadene DOCG

GUIA di valdobbiadene

A unique place in the world. A UNESCO World Heritage Site. A place where past and present come together.

A hilly area made up of terrains of varied composition, which give added value to this area. The different thickness of the soil layer and the accumulation of carbonates, iron and manganese in the soil make it possible to cultivate different grapes with multiple characteristics.
And there’s more. The aromatic quality of the grapes is also influenced by the climatic variability, in particular by the range of temperatures after mid September.

Conegliano-Valdobbiadene is a magnificent area, but difficult to cultivate. For many years winegrowers have tilled the hills, inch by inch, to make the soil more suitable, looking after their beloved vineyards with their own hands.
It is a unique place both in Italy and globally, and has been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In this region the art of wine growing has become perfectly integrated and superbly developed in harmony with the particular geographic, physical and climatic aspects of the landscape, leading to a sort of co-evolution between mankind and the land.

“Falling in love with the territory marks the beginning of our voyage. A place where past and present come together.
Authentic passion is generously reciprocated by the land, with all the perfumes and fruity flavors of the grapes.
Our path continues, amidst foresight and creativity.
It starts off in Guia and goes around the world, becoming an ambassador for Italian taste and style.”


Foss Marai Agricola in Puglia

An ambitious wine-growing project that enhances the lands of the Murgia region

There is a place in Apulia that boasts pristine lands with unique environmental conditions.
We are talking about the uplands of the Murge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A place of rare beauty, where the distinguishing marks of a history spanning over a thousand years can be felt in every corner.
A place rich in signs of an incredibly ingenious farming civilization, with the famous 'trulli' houses, masserie (farms), dry stone walls, wine vats, and other relics that bear testimony to the practice of transhumance.
An authentic place, to which Foss Marai decided to offer its experience and passion to breathe life back an area with precious resources, restoring a building of extraordinary architectural value and reawakening its surrounding lands.
Masseria La Sorba (La Sorba farm) stands in Corato, in the area referred to as 'Pezza della Sorba', in the district of Torre.

This prestigious farm covers over 100 hectares of vineyard overlooked by Castel del Monte and was created as part of an ambitious project to add value to this part of Italy and the precious fruits of its lands.

“Being able to see favorable situations where there are none yet and foresee the development of your ideas in a land that appears, at first sight, to be barren but is extraordinarily generous from a natural and cultural viewpoint, are the inspiration for creating a project that is noble and magnificent. La Masseria La Sorba.”

Masseria la Sorba

Contrada Torre Mascoli
Località Pezza della Sorba Corato, Puglia.

The specials


Research, experimentation and care

Some labels do not fit into any category.
Bottles that express a constant research, continuous experimentation and meticulous care for details.

These are our Special wines.
These wines that tell, perhaps better than others, of the love that unites the Carlo Biasiotto family with their land, and with every single product that comes from this very special territory.
Five wines are included in this section.

There is Marai de Marai, in its two versions Extra Dry and Brut. It stems from an ancient recipe from grandfather Gio, revised in a modern key by Foss Marai in 1999.
Produced from the blend of indigenous grapes and obtained after years of grape recovery and experimentation in the wine-growing field by Foss Marai.

There is Surfine Cuvèe Brut, the most refined version of the historic Cuvèe, which preserves and exalts the Foss Marai style.
Foss Marai desiring to further refine its product ages a part of the base wine in smaller vats for less than 6 months - adopting the Micro Oxygenation technique - with the aim of ageing the noble tannins contained and enhancing the sapidity of the base of the famous Cuvèe Brut. The rest of the wine is aged in steel (surlie ageing).


There is Dolce Reale, a modern Moscato spumante wine with an innovative, contemporary taste. It stems from a blend of native Moscato grapes cultivated and processed by Foss Marai to produce the purest spumante wine, during all stages of the process. Foss Marai Dolce Reale is pale yellow in colour, with golden reflections. It is characterized by its intense yellow peach and apricot scents, with strong hints of sage and a light musk fragrance typical of the Moscato spumante wine.

There is Roös, created from the Foss Marai ability to rediscover autochthonous grape varieties that are no longer used but are highly prestigious.

Then there is Capo 3. An expression of our continuous research for perfection that comes from the study of autochthonous grape varieties and which is produced according to the Cavazzani - or Charmat Lungo method.
This is very rare label, as the percentage of blended varieties varies from year to year depending on the quality of the harvest.
For this reason, every year, Foss Marai obtains a unique product. For this reason, every year, the availability of Capo 3 varies.
This is because we only offer it for sale if we are fully satisfied - or rather, enthusiastic - about every single aspect.

There is Tilio, the latest masterpiece of Foss Marai “Club dei Saggi”. A natural extra brut sparkling wine, obtained from a careful selection of Chardonnay grapes, with a variable percentage of precious Bombino Bianco grapes (a variety also used in the production of well-known champenois, with the addition of a slow fermenting indigenous Foss Marai yeast, specially selected for this label). Very thin perlage, with a unique fragrance and delicacy, Tilio is the result of the Charmat fermentation technique.

“Wine is the poetry of the land”
Mario Soldati