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Art and Wine: let's make a toast together with Marco Varisco – VARISCO CRYSTALS

Art and Wine: let's make a toast together with Marco Varisco Art and Wine: let's make a toast together with Marco Varisco

Shaping such a fascinating material like glass It’s not just a pleasure, it’s a real enjoyment

“My grandpa Marco is still here with me. When I come here at 6 a.m. to work in the quiet of the lab, I speak with him and feel his energy. I don’t know if it’s true, but I do believe in it. I had the chance to meet him and to be taught an art, which is a way of living. Everytime he hold my little hand, let me sat on his lap and showed me how to do the job, I felt as if we were one body”. The whole story of the Varisco’s family - which today is also represented by his father Italo, lies in the words of Marco, the last branch of a family tree, whose roots trace back to ancient times (the Varisco family was present in the Golden Book of Murano back in the XVI Century).

Discover the lab: https://cristalli-vasisco.jimdosite.com

How important are the family roots in developing a talent?

They are everything. I was influenced by many things, but family is the most important one. I learned a lot also from my grandma, from Zurich, who we used to name “the speedy”, due to her strong personality. She was the one to run the family business.

Can you describe the pleasure of shaping such a fascinating material like glass?

It’s not just a pleasure, it’s a real enjoyment. It’s the beauty of using sand to create whatever you’ve got in your mind. Someone defined it artigenio, namely the ability to move yourself first.

Your pieces of art stand out for elegance and design; the Guggenheim museum of New York wanted them too. You are also famous in Japan, a country known for its refinement. How do you manage to combine international success with the values of family and territory?

It’s like asking a parent how they manage to be a mother or a dad. There’s no handbook to follow: you just have to do it, and never be satisfied enough with what you achieve. You need your hand to be the extension of your own soul.

What’s your relationship with your artworks?

Sometimes, I barely manage to get rid of them. There are occasions when I cannot do it, and decide to keep them. This usually happens when I realize that that piece of art can be unique in my entire life. For instance, I painted a plate with the Royal Arms and the Army for the Queen of Spain. Very tiny details. I wish I could keep that plate, but i had made it upon request and I had to let it go, although it was very hard.

Three generations of the Varisco family are present in the Vatican Museums: grandpa Marco designed a votive lamp for the Pope, which today is located in the Sistine Chapel; your father Italo painted the plate with the Tree of Life and you engraved the porch of the Buranelli on a plate. Which is your greatest satisfaction?

I would add to the list the glasses painted for Pope Ratzinger with his logo. Another Tree of Life was bought by Angelina Jolie and auctioned off to the Miami Children Hospital. But the greatest satisfactions come when you’re least expecting them. To me, it was the moment when a school janitor came to visit me with his school group, saw a glass made by my grandpa and asked me to reproduce an identical set. I did not hear from him for months and thought that he would fail to pay for it. But he had been sick and, as soon as he recovered, he took care of the payments, because he had already become attached to them. This is what makes me understand the intimate value of my job.

When talking about glass we usually think of bottles. Let’s uncork a bottle and make a toast to one of your dreams. Can you tell us?

I wish I could be at the Hermitage Museum. It would be like winning the Olympic Games for an athlete. When you are there, you are not just inside a museum or a prestigious art gallery: you are in the midst of art of the ancestors’ ancestors. It’s the best of the world of all ages.